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Thread: Ebay and Craigslist ads - Lots of Sevens for sale

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    Default Internet Classified Ads with Sevens for Sale

    Found for sale in Portsmouth NH
    1997 Caterham 7 1300 Lotus Twink $30,000

    1997 Caterham 7 Vintage 1300cc Lotus twin cam engine. 145 hp engine. Built by Sevens and Elans. 2 sets of wheels. 1 set of wheels are mini lights. Windshield defrost and heat.

    Found in San Francisco
    2003 Caterham R500 with a Minster K series engine. $50500 And here I was thinking that there would be only 1 person in this country silly enough to want a cheese block engine...there are actually 2! Gorgeous spec car though.

    Caterham Superlight R500, 2003. This is a very special car. It has the Minister built Rover K Series Motor. It has an all steel bottom end. And it is one of the few built with the Minister R101 option that brings the horsepower up to 240. It is Dry-Sumped with the Reservoir in the Bell Housing. Options and specs are: Aero front wishbones, Stack instrument display with lap timing beacon, FIA Roll BAr with removable petty strut, Carbon Kevlar Tillet seats, Carbon Fibre Dash, Nose Cone, Front and Rear Fenders, Sill Protectors,Lowered Drivers Floor, Reverie/ Caterham Carbon Fibre Cold Air Induction System, Triple By Pass Radiator with Computer Controlled O/S Fan,Plumbed In Fire Extinguisher System,Fuel Cell,Full Weather Equipment, Tonneau Cover, Quick Release Carbon Fibre Wind Deflector with all Mirrors, Half Doors, Caterham 6 Speed Gearbox., Aces Shift Light, Mike Barnby Magnesium Wheels, Quick Release Steering Wheel, Varley Red Top Race Battery. Superlight #77. California SB100 Registered. RHD. This car held the EVO Magazine 0-100-0 record........11.44 seconds! 3000 miles since new. Like new, immaculate inside and out.

    Another in San Francisco
    1984 Caterham Crossflow $23000

    1984 Caterham Super 7. Well sorted Car. Holby 1800 cc motor. Recent over haul with new steel crank, Fardon rods, J E pistons, valves, bearings, water pump, oil pump,oil cooler and oil cooler thermostat. The motor is very strong. New gear reduction axial starter. It has the latest current Caterham alloy radiator and cooling fan. It has been up rated to current Caterham/AP 4 pot alloy front calipers and vented discs. It has an Odyssey dry battery and battery master switch. 4 speed. RHD.

    And yet another in San Francisco
    1967 Lotus/Caterham $25000
    Looks like a very early Caterham but ad says Lotus. Dash looks more S2/S3 Lotus than Caterham. It does have a cute blue dinosaur on the dash if that helps?

    1700 cc Cross flow with four speed
    10452 miles.
    set up for track, but driveable on street

    And for good measure, this 2001 Caterham in coastal CT. Ex British car but must have converted to LHD at some point? Only 2700 miles in 13 years!!! Says it has been a trailer queen all its life - describes some of the forum members here!

    2001 Caterham Super 7, aluminum with red fenders and nose, 1700 Ford Crossflow Supersprint Engine done by Ted Wentz Engineering, twin Webers, luggage rack, top, tonneau, side curtains, and heater. It has 15" genuine Minilite wheels with Continental 195/50/15 Sport Contact tires. It has been a trailer queen all it's life and has 2,700 original miles. VIN # is NY62899. This is a British car and therefore it does not carry a 17 digit VIN code.
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