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Thread: Three KN ET19 16x7 wheels for Caterham

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    Default Three KN ET19 16x7 wheels for Caterham

    Fabulous deal on one to three Caterham KN style ET19, 16x7 wheels, 4x4.25" (4x108mm) bolt pattern, 4.75" Backspace, 2.5" center bore, excellent condition, with security bolted center covers and special removal tool. KN Wheels Ltd., is the oldest alloy wheel manufacturer in the UK, and these are in excellent condition. Will trade for 15x7 or 15x8 Enkei RPF1s with 4x100 bolt pattern in similar condition. Best to email me direct: Thanks!
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    I bought one of these wheels to have around as a spare. At this price it was too good to pass up. It arrived Saturday and was, as described above, "excellent condition."

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