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Thread: Ford Type 9 oil change?

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    The oil in the gearbox shouldn't need changing in the same way as engine oil. It isn't dealing with combustion products like the oil in the engine. As long as the tranny isn't getting any crap coming in, it shouldn't need to be changed to remove the dirty fluid.
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    On the advice of another owner, I welded a threaded bung in the right front corner of the cover to facilitate future servicing of the gearbox. Once you have filled the gearbox, you can mark a dipstick for reference. The right front corner is a location where the dipstick will reach the bottom of the case without screwing anything up. I have suctioned out the gear lube in the past through this port.

    I eventually got got tired of the oily residue that accumulates on the top of the cover. The box is vented through a small hole in the cover that is baffled by an internal plate attached to the upper selector shaft pivot. I recently welded an AN-4 bung in this location (after drilling it to size). I attached a 12” SS hose using a 90 degree fitting and a straight fitting at the other end. To this I attached a cross drilled cap and secured it to the frame in front of the tunnel opening. Now everything stays clean and dry.

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