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Thread: So, tell us a little about yourselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by scannon View Post
    Then a negative rating for the seller is in order.
    The guy had excellent rating so I didn't anticipate having these issues, yet he claimed a sudden electrical problem which possibly is true, but refused to acknowledge my offer to fix it and continue the sale, so I certainly suspect he sold it elsewhere. And yes, a negative rating was posted.

    But enough of my woes, not the best intro I'm afraid, so who knows of a Seven at a good price..?

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    Do you have a link to the original ad? Curious to see if it is the seller I think it is.

    This is the best list I know of to choose from:
    2010 Caterham CSR with Cosworth 2.3 Duratec
    2018 Caterham 420R with 2L Duratec 210hp at Donington UK
    1975 BMW CSL Group 4 (restoration - engine and dry sump install time)
    1977 Holden Torana "A9X" (awaiting restoration)
    1985 Holden Commodore Group A (restoration - engine rebuild)
    1982 Ferrari 400i (will repaint to original color in 2020)
    1965 Ford Mustang Fastback "Holman Moody"
    1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth WRC (fettling after long period of storage)
    1990 Range Rover 2 door Classic
    Plus another project coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by achova View Post
    Hello, I am Adam Chovanak from Seattle.

    I've had a cross section of unusual vehicles starting as a teen with an NSU Sport Prinz / Fiats / Mazda Rotary - but really wanted a Europa. Was able to buy a 1974 Elite at 19 and appreciated the Seven but the open-air itch was scratched with motorcycles.

    Over the past couple years I've been able to sell a couple Sevens at my shop - Birkin (BDR & Kent) / Caterham / others - and really enjoying the Sevens. I had joined and enjoy their newsletter but heard about this forum on BaT.

    Look forward to learning more and will probably have a few Sevens posted for sale...
    I knew SODO Moto sounded familiar, you sold that yellow Saurus Jr on Bring a Trailer! I wanted it so bad*, but I had just bought a Seven few weeks earlier...

    *despite not needing a track-only car in any way, shape, or form... I still wanted it

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