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Thread: So, tell us a little about yourselves

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    The top and side curtains on a Caterham fit into the boot, so neither is bulky or heavy, esp the top. The frame for the top folds down into the boot as well. And once you get the hang of installing them, its a 5-7' operation. Most Caterhams come with a very quickly installed tonneau cover that snaps in (1') and keeps the rain out when parked.

    The Caterham top has lots of window area so it easier to see out of, with the top up, than say a Miata. The large rear window zips out so it turns into a bikini type top, esp if you store the "doors" (side curtains) in the boot.

    But none of this answers the Lotus 400 vs. se7en question. I'd guess that the 400 is a much more civilized vehicle. The se7en is noisy and hot and has no lockable storage. I am sure it is a more visceral ride with the wind in your face, the muffler right by your left arm, the road 3" from your butt, etc. I have owned and ridden motorcycles and that experience more approximates a se7en drive than any car I have ever owned.

    At the track, who knows? Certainly up to 100 mph, the se7en will give a 400 a run for its $. Once aero comes into play, the seven will likely drop back. I am sure the se7en will respond to driver inputs more immediately than a 400. It weighs less than 1/2 and has a race car suspension, steering, brakes etc. The immediacy and unfiltered intensity of the se7en is what gets most of us hooked. So hooked that we overlook or disregard its many shortcomings as an every day driver.

    I'd love to drive/own a 400 tho. Maybe the best of both worlds?
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    Top speed isnt a big thing for me. How often do we explore the area of 150+mph? VIR on the front stretch and maybe Road ATL going down into 10a, never on the street in TN. Barely a road straight enough to see 150mph. The se7en is probably better suited for the roads around here. Plus if I find a used se7en it would be considerably cheaper than an Evora. More money for slicks and brake pads.

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