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Thread: Zetec sound?

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    FWIW, the Crossflow in my Mallock sounds quite different from the Crossflow in my Caterham.

    The Caterham is more mellow, and pitched lower. More Baritone. The Mallock is brighter, harsher, and higher pitched. Closer to a Tenor.

    I’ve always assumed that much of it is from the higher compression ratio in the Mallock (either 12.5 or 13 to 1- can’t remember off the top of my head) and the cam profile. It also has straight pipes, no muffler.


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    OK may not be a Zetec but this has gotta be the best recording of a Caterham engine (I would like to know where his mike was)
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    Have an embed from me

    I think the mic will be in front of the exhaust, which is likely rear exit just based on me hearing it (lack of wind noise is the giveaway). The mic is unable to cope with the input - that may sound good to you but the sound is breaking up. That tells me it is relying on the action camera to power the mic - no separate power source. A good powered mic will improve the quality of sound from what you hear.
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