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Thread: Honda question for Ultralite guys

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    Default Honda question for Ultralite guys

    Back in 2006 I built an Ultralite, and went thru the head scratching on engine wiring. The car came out great, but the ever present urge to build a project had me selling her after one year. Now, 14 years later, I'v started a new build, ( AH Sprite, with S2K drivetrain), and will have to re-figure out the same things, as I passed on all the wiring, and build info at the sale. I will be using a JDM 2.0 engine, so shouldn't have the immobilizer to deal with, but wonder if anyone here with an Ultralite can offer help with the 3rd. ECU plug, that as I recall mated to the chassis harness for inputs like switched Ing., power to coils and injectors, etc. Also, as I will delete the AC compressor, does anyone remember the correct length of the shorter serpentine belt? There has been mention of a manual Brian put together, but that may be oriented towards the nut and bolt stuff, but any help in lighting off the engine will be appreciated! A few years before the Ultralite, I had built a Series 4 Lotus 7, and used the Ford Zetec; wish the Honda had been available at that time! Thanks!

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    I have a 2004 Ultralite with the AEM computer if you need me to look at anything. I can forward the latest manual Brian sent out it's huge now, which does include part numbers. Just PM me - Chris
    WCM Ultralite S2K

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