I'm curious if anyone with ITBs has experimented with injector placement? V1 of my Duratec utilized stock internals and cams. At the time, the recommendation was to leave the injectors in the stock factory location in the head. Apparently the fuel spraying on the back of the hot valves promotes lower emissions and better idle/low speed drivability.

V3 of the engine has far more aggressive cams with an 8000+ rpm redline. I'm wondering if moving the injectors out to the ports in the ITBs is a better compromise with the current internals? From what I've read, at higher rpm, the extra distance gives the air and fuel more time to atomize, creating a better mixture that burns better, and hence, develops more power. As seen in the photo below, the difference between the two location is about 4 inches.

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The benefits of each location make sense to me, but it's the quantity of difference I'd like to better understand. If it's another 4-5hp at the top end with marginal difference to the low end, then I might give it a try, but if it's 1-2 hp and idle becomes noticeably less happy in traffic, then there's no point. The change will require removing the plugs in the ITBs (I have a feeling that will be a PITA), buying new plugs for the head, a new fuel rail, and doing a little replumbing, so not a quick, simple update.