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Thread: 2017 420 S for SALE

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    Did you option the LED headlights? CF cycle fenders? Is the entire interior maroon (seats, carpeting, side panels), or just the seats? Thanks!
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    Based on a recent sale, Just this week, a 2017 SV 360 sold for $60,000 on BAT. It had less than 1000 miles on it but my car is a 420 S Model and has more features than the 360. During the auction the comments were amazingly gracious and knowing how these cars are selling and amazing to drive I opted to raise the price. There are a lot of potential buyers and there are a lot of tire kickers, I will communicate only with anyone who is truly interested in the buy, not just off the cuff questions. So please, if you are a TRUE potential buyer , state that in your reply and I will without question , connect with you. Since you belong to this forum, you already know these cars, their specifics and how the handle. looking forward to hearing from a serious buyer.

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    Price increase makes sense based on the BAT price. But to get comparable $, you might need to list it there.

    FWIW, as a person who has sold 2 Se7ens, my early questions to prospective buyers became: Has your wife/girlfriend blessed this possible purchase yet? If not, contact me later, if and when they do. Also, do they actually have the financing or cash? Still, there seems to be a group that loves to ask infinite questions, demand more pix, run you thru the mill, then offer 50% of listing price....

    GLWS-this is a high spec/no wait Caterham.
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    Any reason not to list it on BAT or even be the first 7 on cars & bids?
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    Because the last few posts have gone off topic, I'm removing them so we can focus on this beautiful 420S that's for sale.

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