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Thread: Questions for a potential new build and any Ariel Atom comparisons welcome

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    I have an Atom 3-310 hp in Scotland, used to own a Caterham and am currently finishing off a build on an Older Birkin. .. having read the thread here is my 2 cents...
    Atom actually feels roomier inside... luggage lives in passenger footwell... we spent two weeks touring France last year
    and my wife still loves me (so she says
    I think ride quality goes to the Caterham.... even on full soft the ride in the Atom can be jarring.
    The weather gear that the Caterham has is only applicable to those with lithe have to be part contortionist to get in and out with the roof up .... and without knowing you, I might suggest you are never going to own a Caterham and put the roof up.... so that removes the Caterham/Birkin advantage over the Atom.
    My very best guess is that you will buy whichever one you can get in and out of the best and they will both present some challenges and require some upper body strength to give yourself an initial “push up”
    I would love to hear your conclusion after you get a chance at them both... ps after having both the old simple bench seat AND the S seats in the Caterham.... I think the bench might offer the largest amount of backside room.... all from memory and usual disclaimer about it being my 2c.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnifeySpoony View Post
    Looks pretty pushy. Is that car setup or down to driving style?
    Yeah it was a little pushy, that weekend was basically a shakedown of the car, breaking in the gearbox and making sure there were no leaks or breakages etc. The suspension was not setup well at all at the time just eyeballed. I guess the weight of the passenger didn't help matters.

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