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Thread: Zetec Starter Problem... Help requested..

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    Sorry But I'm having a problem with the .2 volts? Valves typically stick open not closed. When cranking the engine over can you feel if either cable is getting hot. Is there a solid engagement sound from the starter solenoid. Dave W

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    Check the voltage on the battery with no load. Should be 12.65v or above. Check the battery voltage while attempting to turn the engine over, should be 9.5v or above. Check the voltage drop though the power and ground to the starter. The drop should be <.5v. If your cranking voltage is dropping low your battery may not be up to the task. If your voltage drops are too great your wiring is not up to the task.
    You could try cranking it with one plug in, similar to doing a compression test, then add another and see where the tipping point of the system is.


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    Thanks for suggestions Dave and Andy
    I have... put the starter challenge on hold for right now, as I simply use jumper cables from a running car which provides lots of juice to the Birkin and allows me to turn the starter no probs....The reason I am ignoring THIS challenge that I have disappeared down another rabbit hole with. No start issue related to the crank position sensor..
    Ill start another thread and expand on the Challenge .

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