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    I have a 2015 Caterham 7 280. The turn signals and hazzard lights stopped working a couple of months ago. My mechanic traced the problem down to a black plasticbox about the size of a cigarette pack, but Caterham parts says these are back ordered in a serious way. Does anyone have one they would be willing to sell? If so, for how mych?

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    I suspect one of the U.S. Caterham vendors will have one, have you tried (Beachman Racing, Rocky Mountain Sportscar, Sevens and Elans).
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    Try flipping the Hazard Switch off and on several times. I seem to recall this being a common problem and the UK lotus 7 guys on blatchat found this to be a solution. Worked for me once when mine failed like yours. Good luck. Tom
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    Also check that all wires are plugged securely into the alternator! I had the same problem and a loose alternator wire was the issue!
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    AS mentioned before, this has been addressed on "BlatChat" in the past. I "fixed" mine by flipping the light switches and the turn signals along with the Hazard switch, back and forth many times. It is corrosion in one of the switches, and I NORMALLY don't use my lights or flashers very often. OF course, I use my turn signals often, and you must flip the switch ON and then flip it off, as it is not self-cancelling. It was NOT the turn signal switch, in my case.....
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