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Thread: Time to clean out the garage

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    Default Time to clean out the garage

    We are going to be re-roofing the garage in the next month or so and this seems like a good time to "clear the shelves". All of the listed parts are for a Birkin SS3XS unless otherwise noted.

    fiberglass boot liner in excellent condition.
    New Duratec starter. This is for a Ranger flywheel. The ring gear on the lightened Focus flywheel that I am using is slightly different. Who knew?
    Side mirrors; a pair of 4" round stainless steel ones from Speedway in perfect condition, a pair of black Emko ones original to the car, perfect as well.
    A barely used heated windscreen, original to the car. I run Brooklands and am very happy with them.
    ITG air filter, square shouldered sausage style with mounting plate to fit 4 48mm ITBs
    the original steering wheel and hub assembly
    fuel pressure regulator, Chinese in origin but it accurately holds 42 psi and doesn't leak. I am running a physically smaller one now due to space constraints
    set of Accel COP coils
    keyed ignition switch
    original Birkin grill
    valve cover for the Duratec
    Stock cams (with gears) for the 2.3l Duratec
    rear cover for a Subaru R160 diff

    I also have various sensors, switches and other small stuff. If you need something not listed here, pm me. I may have it as I am just starting to go through this stuff. I've held on to all this stuff for a couple of years and have pretty much settled on the configuration of the car now so it all has to go. Make me an offer on any or all of it. I am located in LA. I am happy to work with a buyer on delivery in SoCal but other than that the shipping is up to you. Pictures on request.
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