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Thread: Harnesses stuck in customs

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    I have that style of Scroth belt now. The crotch strap loops are well designed in that it only pressures your inner thigh and not the wife’s second best friend. The other crotch strap type (either 5 or 6 pt) which has a buckle attachment and clicks in are directly pressuring your genitals such that in an impact you will hurt big time.

    So your new belts may be a bit complicated but you will be safer.
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    I don't have the Schroth belts but have formula car belts in my Caterham. They're easy to use and adjust, are much more comfortable and as Mike said- definitely safer.

    They prevent submarining beneath your lap belt as well as keeping it pulled down on your pelvis where it needs to be. No metal pieces where you dont want them. When adjusted properly they're also more comfortable.

    Not sure what seats you have but the subs are routed differently than a normal 5 or 6 point sub.

    Feel free to reach out if you need help with mounting.


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