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Thread: Honesty

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    I've spent ~40k on engines for my Seven in the past 5 years. The first 2 lasted <500 miles each (one never made oil pressure, the other leaned out because the builder undersized the injectors). The third hasn't died yet, but possibly because I'm still installing it.

    Still my favorite car.

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    Been toying with my car since 2006
    - bought it, built it
    - sold it
    - bought it back
    - four engines - one SC V6 and three LS variants (not from breaking, but because too much hp is almost enough)
    - two transmissions (no breaks...upgrades)
    - one complete rebuild (I broke broke me, in more ways than one)
    - eight sets of wheels and multiple tires through the years (I'm finally down to five sets of wheels....still have multiple tires)
    - mods/upgrades galore over the years
    - toy hauler that was built bespoke for the car
    - track day goodies
    - I stopped looking at numbers years ago....hurt my eyes
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