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Thread: Sealing dry sump pumps & high oil pressure

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    Default Sealing dry sump pumps & high oil pressure

    I've got a Ford Cross flow with a dry sump oiling system. There's no name on it, and it doesn't look like the Titan model sold by Pegasus. It has 3 different parts, there's 2 pumps & an 1/8 inch spacer. I can't seem to get it to stop leaking between the pumps & the spacer. Does anyone have any experience sealing these? I tried Loctite 518 gasket eliminator with no success.
    Also, the oil pressure seem a bit high; 100+ lbs in 4th gear at a steady 3500 RPM. Should I adjust the oil pressure relief on the pump in or out? And, what would be a good pressure? Many thanks for any & all help, Kurt

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    There were a few other companies that have made dry sump pumps for Kents. Pace and cowsorth to name a few...

    That oil pressure is extremely high and that may be why it's leaking. What is your oil temp? It's possible the relief valve is stuck.

    My oil pressure only reaches 80 PSI when completely cold at 3000 rpm (running 20w50). At 3500 RPM and up to temp, it drops down to 40PSI.
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