I need some advice.

Some of you may have seen from my build log that my 310S chassis arrived without a MAP sensor installed on the chassis or included in the parts. Not a problem, Josh at RMC has requested one and it is on its way. I would like a little advice about installing it when it arrives.

1) I know it will be installed on the passenger side foot well. How do I attache it? Do I just drill two holes and use sheet metal screws, or drill two holes and use a nut and bolt arrangement?

2) What kind and size of hose is used for the vacuum side?

3) Where precisely does the hose attach to the manifold? I think I have figured that out, but a confirmation, preferably with pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Don't be afraid of insulting my intelligence. Advice like you would give a 3-year-old and LOTS of pictures are probably the best way for me to understand.

Thanks in Advance,