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Thread: ford Type 9 pilot bearing

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    Default ford Type 9 pilot bearing

    I got my 93 HPC today and I love it. What a car.

    I get a squealing when I let the clutch out. Itís mainly in first or second when I ease the clutch out. Sounds like Iím squealing the tires. If I put the shift lever in neutral and let the clutch out it doesnít make the noise.

    Iím guessing I need a new pilot bearing. Anything else I should check first?

    If I need a new bearing I assume the protocol is pull the engine and transmission and replace the bearing. Replace the clutch and upgrade to a lightweight flywheel while itís open. Any other things to consider? Is a complete transmission rebuild required or can the bearing just be replaced? Car has 10k miles which were mostly HPDEs.

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    Be sure you transmission/block alignment it correct. If you are using a block saver and the pan bolts to the transmission, then be sure there is an equal thickness spacer between the pan and the transmission. Might not be the problem but it is something to check. I
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    Throw out bearing?
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    Throw out bearing was my first guess. But the inter web said a bad throw out bearing produces a grinding sound whereas a pilot bearing produces a squealing sound when the shifter is in gear and the clutch is released. But I only know what I read online.

    Assuming it’s one of the above, will driving the car another 200 miles cause further damage?

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    Rule of thumb for me is:
    Pilot - clutch in, put in neutral and noise should disappear
    Throw out - clutch in, put in neutral, noise should persist (given clutch is not completely disengaging)

    If replacing then I would do everything inside the bell housing - clutch, any bearing, slave cylinder (if located in there). You only want to remove engine once so refresh everything is best. If transmission feels ok then I would just change transmission oil. I would not change the flywheel if it was me unless you are doing a LOT of track or autocross.

    If it goes wrong on your trip back then it will likely cause the clutch to disintegrate - there is a photo of somewhere on this forum of what I did to one on a former Caterham of mine when I thought the sound I heard on a track day was Zetec accessory belt squeal but it was actually pilot bearing...oops. But thats ok as it stays in the bellhousing and you will be replacing everything inside there anyway. Hows your AAA membership? Their platinum plus has 200 miles included towing - I usually use it once a year with one of my cars.
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    Thanks Mike.

    i found the same test you described online. With it in neutral, no bad noises. With it in gear, squealing. Based on that, I’m guessing it’s the pilot bearing.

    Transmission and clutch work great otherwise.

    End of this week I’ll put it back in the shop, have the clutch and pilot bearing replaced along with the belts and then it should be ready for a trip home.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Checked with the shop that has maintained the car. They say on reliable authority that the car has a clutch plate with very aggressive material that causes the noise. They service a car that is basically identical and it makes the same noise. Meanwhile the clutch cable snapped and the shop had a spare that they installed in less than two hours. I must be living right.

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    If you think your car has a loud rattle. You should hear mine. I have a multi disc clutch for the paddle shifter that my mechanics say is normal to sound like a box of rocks when idling. And the whine from the straight cut gears is like a B52 taking off.
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