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Thread: Distorted sidescreen window

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    Default Distorted sidescreen window

    From the It's-Always-Something department:

    I autocrossed this past Saturday. had a blast, and did pretty well. When I got home I found that my passenger side sidescreen window had become distorted/misshapen. See photo:

    Hard to photograph, but it's pretty misshapen. The doors were off the car during the autocross, lying on a tarp, but there must have been something over of under the window, and the heat (hot day) distorted it.

    Thoughts on whether this can be fixed? I was thinking carefully iron between two towels, on a flat surface. Thoughts?
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    I'd put it inside a car parked in the sun and that should allow it to return to it's orig. shape once it gets nice and toasty.

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    You could bring it down to Texas, and just lay it on the sidewalk for a while, till it's done.

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