Thanks, all.

I've been thinking about the photos, I'm sure I can find a pro. I live in Asheville, so locations are available so if i do put it on the likes of BaT.

I agree with the keyboard warrior point on BaT and honestly it's a disincentive to use them, a few (often) rich guys humbly bragging the time they had to use their Carrera GT as their daily because their kid didn't like using it for college, and so many picking apart the tiniest details to show off their knowledge. You're right, my panel damage will be the talk of the comments for the whole auction. It grates me, but I acknowledge that that's partially pettiness and exaggeration on my part.

I experimented on the twisty roads with my go-pro style camera yesterday. The content was good, but the quality was not. Perhaps I'll see if my videographer cousin wants a little side work

There are a couple of places near me that have offered to quote on the work to repair the side, including a custom car shop, so i'll see what they say. Honestly I'd like to repair it just out of pride, but it might not be worth it.

If by George you mean Alderman, then yes it was. It even has the shadow of the GAR sticker very, very faintly visible on the nose, unfortunately. It is not registered as an old vehicle, and I had a hell of a time getting it on the road in my county in GA.

Registering was easy, getting the emissions was not. I had to get the clean air guy to come and meet me and still he could do nothing. They refused to do a tail pipe test, and because there are codes in the ECU related to missing Ford hardware from the donor Focus, and it does not have a physical CEL, they wouldn't sign-off. They had asked me to get a CEL installed! Had i lived in a non-emissions county or state, it would have been fine so it's not a huge problem for everyone, but I dare say it will be CA unless they also exempt kits from emissions as they did here in NC. I had no problems at all when i registered it and got it on the road here. Safety inspection, but no emissions requirements for kits.

That green one on BaT was a real outlier, price wise and I found that difficult to explain. The video was fun, the photos are very well done, though a bit 80s wall poster to my eyes, but people buying these often grew up in the 80s! I couldn't even discern its actual build year from the listing. i see the Ford Sierra gear knob, and the 5 spokes, so I'd guess it's a similar year to mine (mine was shipped with those wheels). For me the aero screen added some appeal. i use a Caterham carbon aero screen for a while, but it didn't take me long to get sick of being hit by bugs, gravel and rain so I went back to the glass.

I put the original headlights back yesterday, too. Makes it look a little older/classic, but the shape is much better and overall appearance is improved.

Anyway, thanks again, everyone. i appreciate your input.