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Thread: Throttle Cable End Fitting or New Throttle Cable

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    Default Throttle Cable End Fitting or New Throttle Cable

    Hi All, the barrel end of my throttle cable broke off while driving, does anyone know where I can find a new one? It was an 8 mm diameter barrel end. It's not clear if the actual cable broke or if the barrel end loosened and came off.

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    If the cable is 1/16" OD you can replace it with an appropriate bicycle cable. You can also solder on a new barrel end or purchase one that clamps on via a set screw. You may want to replace the cable, I had one die about 2 months ago and I now consider it a wear item. If you do use a clamp on barrel end be careful not to over stress the cable when you clamp it, it'll fail at the stress riser.

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