There's an existing thread on harnesses for track, but I'm starting this new thread relating a harnesses for road and track. It also seems that the FIA rules changed in recent years. I am having trouble finding any harness that works for me. My FIA 2019 belts are expired.


- Many (all?) tracks require 5 or 6 point belts in an open car like a Seven. 6 point are generally considered more comfortable, and safer I believe?

- 2" shoulder belts are not supposed to be used without a HANS device.

- Sevens use bolt-in harnesses.

- As my seats are movable, I need adjustable lap belts. Pull-down adjusters fit in a Seven; I don't think there is room for pull-up adjusters.

Given all of the above, I need belts that bolt in, are 6-point, have 3" shoulder belts, and have pull-down lap belt adjusters. As far as I can tell, this does not exist. It's as if I have to decide whether to drive my car on the street or on tracks - but can't do both. I'm very frustrated.