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Thread: Rear Light Cluster options

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    11budlite take a photo of the back of your car and photo shop the lights that way you will have a better idea of the look (The image in my head never looks the same in reality)

    Yes KitKat agreed that they match the square back of the car I just think they look kit car-ish

    The Lucas L594 would be a great option but I have the holes drilled for the block lights so that option is out

    The Led's that go in the Carbuilders housing are OK just look a little to modern I would prefer a dome housing but it had to be 95mm which is rather large.
    The Early Land Rover series II would also work but as I said to late.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightonuk View Post
    The Lucas L594 would be a great option but I have the holes drilled for the block lights so that option is out
    Is it possible to make some kind of cover for the block to hide the unneeded holes and give it a finished outward appearance? Bond a piece of carbon fiber or black painted aluminum sheet to the top? I don't know what the blocks looks like, so finishing the edge of that cover might be tough (route a recess to receive it?) but it might be worth considering something like this if you haven't already gone down that solution path.

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    This video on FB gives a pretty close idea of how I might do mine:

    The nice thing about this idea if I do it, is I'll be reusing some old Lucas L594 glass from my 1st car which was a '61 Bugeye Sprite.
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    Personally the rear lights have really grown on me and I like it. But I'm well aware it's an acquired taste and at first glance to average people they do look out of place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitcat View Post
    I actually like the standard Caterham rear lights. Their rectangular shape matches the rectangular shape of the rear of the car, unlike the round lights. Also, I think they are the only remaining part of the Caterham that was also on the original Lotus Seven Series 3? Croc can correct me on that. And I think Lotus sourced them from a pop-up camper (caravan?) in wide use back in the late 60's.
    I would love to hear confirmation of that.

    With that said, I believe there is one German/Bavarian dealer that only puts on circular lights from the point of sale. Interesting choice.

    Also if you're looking for ideas, this Locost always had a very good looking/modern set I've thought. (black)

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    These are very popular

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    Josh Robbins is installing the JAL LED rear lights on the 420R he is building for me.

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