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    My 2.0 Duratec powered car has this oil drain plug:

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    There is no separate crush washer, it has some type of a composite ring permanently molded to the plug. I have reused it without leakage but not sure if it is intended for repeated use or if I should trash it and get a new plug when I change the oil.

    The underside of the car at the back had fair amount of oil this appears to be the source of some or all of the oil:

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    The diff breather does not have a pipe so it throws some oil around the back end. The barb is extremely close to the bottom of the boot. My understanding is the floor of the boot does not come out easily (I have a 2009 SV if that matters)? So getting a tube on could be a real challenge.

    I measured the barb at about 0.450" outside diameter. Does anyone know the actual diameter of this (is it standard to the diff, and is the diff from a Sierra?). And where can i source a tube. I have done some internet searches but can't seem to find the ideal part. I probably need one with a 90+ deg bend to get it on.

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    Search for banjo bolt. Should make life easier.
    Dave W

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