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Thread: New 620r owner in Seattle! :)

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    Default New 620r owner in Seattle! :)

    Hi Folks,

    Looking forward to joining the club!

    I've been a long fan of Lotus cars (own a 2005 Lotus Elise which i daily drove for 10 years in rainy Seattle all year around) and getting a matching Caterham in my garage will be a dream come true! I'm waiting for a new 620r being assembled in NY and will be shipped to Seattle where i live. I can't wait to see and drive it... hopefully during the 2 months of sun here !

    One of the decision points on getting the Caterham was that Beachman Racing is ~5 miles away from my house. I would have really liked to have him build the car, however with some paper work/deals/etc.. it is left in the mercy of a random shop in NY to built it. However, when i do get the car, i'll make sure Beachman takes a pass at it and it passes the quality bar for some weekend fun and eventual some track lap records!

    I do plan to daily drive this car and track it as-well. I have never driven a right hand car, with sequential gear box. So for getting used to the re-wiring my brain, i've been practicing with a very realistic motion simulator with sequential shifter for my left hand. If anybody is into sim racing, they have great mods and the identical 620r for Assetta Corsa, and local tracks here in Seattle ! I'll admit, rewiring the brain to shift perfectley and heel'n'toe with left hand is harder to do in anger then i though it would... but i'll get there eventually!

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi and that i'm excited and perhaps a bit naive and would love to hear if there are any other 620r folks out there that i can learn some tips and tricks from!


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    Hi and welcome. Where in NY? I'm upstate if you needed somebody to check up on it

    What sequential does yours comes with? I assume straight cut and paddles?

    I have an old Quaife sequential straight cut that Caterham used in early 2000's in mine. It's... an experience. Everybody is right about it being more tedious on the street but I love it. I hear nightmares about frequency of rebuilds. I haven't reached that point yet.

    620r is quite the car.
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    Fantastic car! Great to see another se7en in the area. That makes 3 Caterhams + me within about 15 mile radius of Bruce's shop. We'll need to do some drives before the summer is out.

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    Welcome to the local Caterham community. We have a loose knit group of about a dozen local owners, a few with multiple cars. As far as i know, you'll be the first 620 in the area, can't wait to see and hear it. And meet you, too.

    What like organization we have is generally centered around Bruce.
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    Cem, welcome to the group.
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    Hi Cem - welcome to the group!

    Did you buy the yellow 620R in at TIme Machine Auto? Who is doing the build? Dave LeBrun?

    Hopefully it has weather gear for all that rainy weather in the PNW!

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    congratulations Cem! I expect you will love it. Just think of all the cool jackets and hats you'l need up north. Get safety glasses, prescription if you use one.

    ...I have never driven a right hand car, with sequential gear box. ...

    I can't speak to the gearbox, but I do have the steering wheel on the proper side too. Should be no sweat adapting to where you sit in relation to the car, as long as you have always aimed at the center of your line. Only ONE caution. Left turns. If you cannot see due to big thing in the opposite lane, DON'T GO. As everyone has converted to P/Us and SUVs, this has become a very common accident. People get impatient and pull out, even though they can't see, and BAM, KAPOW, etc. Otherwise, RHD is joy. It lets people know that it is a proper British car. God save the queen.

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    Sounds like a dream come true (my dream)!!!


    Sequential just pours gas on the fire, who will be faster at a track day (other than the V8 Stalkers?

    Being so close to Bruce is like living in near the Caterham shop in England. Probably better (IMHO).

    I think Dave LeBrun, if he is the builder, has been doing Caterhams, on a very small volume, for decades so should know his Caterham spanners. His partner in Caterham crime, Tony Vacarro, is a long timer as well.

    Welcome and enjoy your car. I am sure the wait for the build will seem endless.
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    I'm not exactly sure what comes OOB with the 620r, but i think it's this one :

    I've heard getting into reverse sometimes is tricky, how is it with yours?

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    +1 would love to meet you guys...! Counting days until i get the car!

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