Many years ago I purchased a GEMS model MDLS2 (ignition only) with dual 40 DCOE carbs for standard black top Zetec as a Caterham cast-off.

I am just now getting around to looking at it and thinking about where I want to install it. I looked at the GEMS website and found one document for the connections. It
looks like it needs a hall effect distributor, but knowing that the Zetec has a 36-1 flywheel and crank sensor and no distributor, I wonder if if it used the stock Ford sensor. I have no idea how it was set up originally on the Caterham. So I am looking for help.

Googling on this system comes up pretty much empty handed, so I was hoping anyone with a unit like this still on their car, or with wiring/connection diagrams could help me out with how is it connected.

GEMS makes it difficult to see the curves or to do any re-programming unless you buy their 200 dongle for the software, and that doesn't make sense to me when I can buy a new Megajolt ignition only system for $200.

Thanks in advance.