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    Default Help with belts

    I managed to squeeze a Tillett B6 into my narrow body Birkin. It’s quite comfortable and lowers my position in the car which is good. Now I'm challenged by my belts (par for the course: one step forward, two back) previously I had the Birkin sport seats and looped the sub-belt around the front, there was plenty of room for lap belt hardware on either side. As you can see in this pic the B6 is a little wider and gives the driver lateral support. Consequently the hardware interferes with the belt holes through the seat making it difficult to fully tighten the lap belts. Now that the sub belt comes up from below it’s also a little....tight.

    Does anyone have similar experience: I think switching to pull up belts may help. But I think ones with less space between the cam-lock and hardware is needed? Would switching to a 6-point setup help with the sub-belt position?
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    Check out Schroth Harnesses with their Flexi technology. They allow you to switch the lap belts between pull up and pull down configuration, and as part of that, you can position the adjuster closer to the buckle. Frees up room and they are very comfortable and well made.

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    I had a similar Tilet seat set up and same problem in my Birkin Paul. I was able to make it work even with pull-up belts, but it was tight. Once they were adjusted correctly (with me out of the car), that was good for countless track days. But if I needed to shorten, or lengthen them, that was a process, not something done sitting on the grid waiting to go onto the track. BTW-per your photos, your belts expire next month.
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    I had a very similar issue with my Stalker; narrow seat with interfering hardware. Pull-up belts were the only way I could physically tighten the belt once I was in the car. Used a six-point harness from RaceQuip; space between cam-lock on my belt is much less than your current pull down setup (see photo).

    Also, a link to my install (may/may not be helpful):

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    I have just returned from seat belt hell, I must thank for there help as I had to return some belts. I went for the Sabelt pull-up style originally, but the pull-up buckle was crushed behind the seat, pull-up looked like a good idea but was not practical. I did like the Sabelts well made, smooth operating, nice buckle. I swapped to a RaceQuip pull-down, I had not liked the pull-down belts I had in the past because once buckled the adjuster was to low to be practical to use, you has to unbuckle the belt to have adjustments. The RaceQuip have the adjuster directly attached to the buckle attachment so they can be adjusted once buckled. The Problem with the RaceQuip is they have quick adjusters on the crotch straps. The Sabelt had a simple adjuster down at the belt attachment to the chassis, tougher to setup originally but one set I have never had to adjust the crutch belts. I had to widen the hole thru the bottom of the seat to make room for the RaceQuip adjusters. They are in now and feel conferrable all the adjustments feel smooth and easy to operate. Dates are another issue with belts so make sure you get 2025 belts, of a discount on older belts.


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    Paul - I have the Schroth flexi belts if you want to check them out. I even currently have one set for pull up and the other pull down to experiment. They are available from HMS Motorsport in MA but they are pricey. And Schroth states they are safe in the four point configuration with the ASM technology.

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