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    Default Just saying hi...

    I've only recently found USA7's (I can't see how I missed the site previously) and signed-up in the last week. I'm actually UK based but I hope that won't count against me too much as I know forums to be a great way to share experience and experiences, irrespective of location.

    By way of background I have been a serial owner of Caterham Sevens since 1997 and currently own an R500D (which is brilliant on track, but maybe a touch too one-dimensional for more general use) and also a CSR260 which is a bit of a project car (bought last year in need of some tlc) which I hope will prove to be a great on-road Seven.

    I'm a long-standing, keen member of L7C in the UK and have been involved in organising that Club's trackday programme in recent years - still a passion! But more generally I very much enjoy general blatting (particularly with like-minded and like-equipped companions) and simply spending time in and around these great little cars.

    Looking forward to joining-in as best I can from across the water.

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    Great to hear from you, James!

    Stay safe, from the virus and on the road and track!
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    Welcome James! The only folks we don't welcome are the se7enless spammers who keep trying to bust their way in here (hence the reason you were initially moderated). I'd love to hear more about the CSR260 project. What are your plans? Any pictures?

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    We could use a set of boots on the ground on the other side of the pond to source some hard to find parts!
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    Welcome aboard James! Hope you can now see the links I shared with you earlier!

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    Welcome, nice to see another CSR on here.
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    Welcome aboard, James. Great group here.
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    Thanks for the welcome, guys, and in particular to Mike (Croc) for not only helping to get me sorted here but also for sending me separately some links and information on his CSR exploits (and aspirations).

    I'll certainly get some photos together and post those here to add some pictorial interest. Give me a few days.

    And I might have given the wrong impression (as in, oversold!) when I said that I had bought my CSR as a project car. I can see now that this conjures up images of converting it into a fire-breathing monster but the reality is far more prosaic - turning a tatty and untidy car into something that looks and drives more like a new one. A few tweaks and mods along the way, and I'm nearly there - with budget blown as usual. Will provide some more detail when I attach some photos, later, in case any of it is of interest.

    And picking up on the comment about parts - yes, there's a thriving cottage industry and several lively private sales sites/marketplaces for all parts Caterham here in the UK. Not sure how it would go with shipping to the US but if people are really in need of help or stuck then I'd be very happy to see what I could do to help.

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    I like: "budget blown as usual"! We all understand that sentiment. FWIW: I read your "project car" plan exactly as you intended: bringing a tatty worn out CSR back to life. I look forward to the pics.
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