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Thread: Which suspension option for 420R

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    Default Which suspension option for 420R

    Which suspension option would you recommend (sport/track/race) for a 420R that will be driven on street and track? I live in bay area CA with lots of great canyon roads in various states of bumpiness. Tracks are Laguna and Sonoma. I'm not concerned about comfort per se, but if race suspension is so stiff that it makes it skittish on twisty roads that aren't perfectly smooth, then I would consider that too stiff. Anyone with experience with these different options?


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    The four options are:

    Road - used on the 420S as standard
    Sport - used on the 420R as standard
    Track - Where are track bias is primary
    Race - For race cars

    There is little difference between Sport and Track. The average driver will not know any difference. The Race set up is noticeably firmer. Its too firm for the road.

    My 420R I keep at Donington lives on track and I am happy running it with the standard Sport suspension and 13 inch wheels. Never felt any need to upgrade. Handles great on track. Given you are a mix of road and track then I think you will be fine with the sport suspension set up.
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    Ok, thanks for the input. I can always swap dampers down the road once I see how things are.

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