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Thread: Time for another edition of the "WCM S2K Maintenance, Repair & Upgrade Manual" FREE

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    Default Time for another edition of the "WCM S2K Maintenance, Repair & Upgrade Manual" FREE

    This 190 page manual began as an update & repair journal. I used it to journalize the work on my individual WCM. Lots of member comments, suggestions & repair histories later, it has grown to include information on all common Seven iterations, with a remaining focus on the WCM cars. YOURS FREE with your return name & email.

    Good luck with your cars, enjoy the upcoming topless weather, and STAY HEALTHY!
    2015 Alfa Romeo 4C coupe, turbocharged. 6 speed DCT, heims/links, monoballs, swaybars, 2,440 lbs, 312 hp

    1982 Porsche 935 "Flachbau"
    tribute, supercharged & intercooled 964 motor, built G50 trans, Albins LSD, heims/links, 2,500 lbs, 425 hp

    EX Street & Track:
    2004 Ultralite S2K, Honda S2000 drivetrain, Mugen baffled sump,
    transverse/diff braces, heims/links, anti-surge fuel tank, oil accumulator
    2007 Backdraft Racing Roadster, Roush 402, heims/links, Wilwood big brakes
    2008 Lotus Exige S2, supercharged, chargecooler, 346 hp
    1993 Caterham, 1.8 liter Cosworth
    1991 Caterham, 1.7 liter crossflow
    1995 Mazda RX-7 FD, 2.6 liter Wankel, 276 hp
    1987 Dodge Shelby Charger, turbocharged

    1976 Triumph TR-6, Paris blue
    1963 Mini-Cooper S 1071 cc
    1964 Jaguar XKE drophead coupe, 4.2 liter, BRG

    EX Track Only:
    Panoz GTS, car # 23 from Panoz Racing Series, 4.6 liter V8
    2005 Toyota TRD Celica Junior NASCAR, V6 motor, Jericho 4-speed, "Clabber Girl" livery
    2003 OMS D Sport Racer, Yamaha R1 motor, sequential flat-shift trans, mid-rear engine, ALMS coachwork

    ". . . breakin' up is hard to do" Neil Sedaka

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