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    Does anyone happen to have the Ford part number for the starter motor used on a Duratec Caterham, please?

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    Might try FI1WA as a starting point.
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    My starter is out of the car, however, the label with the part number is worn and difficult to read. Combining the upper and lower numbers on the left of the label gives (I think) 3S4T-11000-AB which is the part number for the starter on the Duratec-powered Ford Focus. I don't see any starter numbers that include the numbers on the lower right of the label (3K17BY) and I'm not sure if they have any meaning for this discussion. Anyone have insight or can confirm that the Focus is the right application?

    One caveat on my starter. The install was done in 2003/4 when the Duratec was only available here in the Ranger and that starter would not work with the Raceline bits. The correct application at the time was the Duratec-powered European market Mondeo. My guess is that's the same as used in the Focus, but it would be good to have confirmation.

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    FWIW i have a stock duratec and a NipponDenso starter labeled for a kubota tractor or forklift. So part #'s may not line up.

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    The only difference I have found is with the flywheel ring gear spacing. I am running a Ford Focus flywheel and the Panther starter wouldn’t engage the ring gear. I had to go to a starter for the Focus Duratec.

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