Hi Guys

It's been a while since I posted here. Forgive me for my sin!

Thanks Croc and everyone else who has offered some kind words.

Croc (cough sorry clearing my throat) its 22 current records.

Yes any damper can be revalved but I can 100% say that there are light years between each end of the market. Sometimes we even see high end brands that dont adjust as we would like or expect. You would be surprised.

We get the manufacturers to build new to our spec as we have such close relationships with them. No need to take them apart again.

Penske, Quantum and Ohlins all have a 2 way damper that doe not need a reservoir.

Check out our primary suspension website at Www.raceshocks.uk for the Tractive Active suspension. As used by Pagani, Dallara and RUF Porsche. I have used it in the past and will again this year.