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    Quote Originally Posted by coffee break View Post
    There are some cars for sale that are not in the states. What type of documentation is required to get a car in for road use? Other requirements or bonds?

    Start with post #13 on this link for a practical overview.

    Detailed information is here

    Key things to keep in mind:
    - over 25 year old cars are fairly easy to import if they are essentially standard
    - modified over 25 year old cars get problematic based on level of modifications made
    - Think about foreign titles/registration/documentation proof - you are likely to need it for state registration. You can import on a bill of sale.
    - If you do not have foreign title then you get into bonded title - I have done a few of those - fairly straight forward. Some states do not have bonded title for foreign imports without title - research if yours is included in this group.
    - Emissions may be an issue if the car was not sold here originally - research your requirements in advance. At least you are not CA which is difficult for emissions on nearly all foreign imports.
    - If under 25 years old car - easier to forget about it as Federalization is a pain and not worth putting yourself through it.

    If you need recommended import co.s then I have two - one high end and the other good middle of the road.
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