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    Default Nothing is ever simple

    Well, last October i noticed a slight sound that went away when i lightly put my foot on the clutch. I assumed the throwout bearing as on its way out. I loaded up the car into the trailer and took it right to the shop. It sat there since then awaiting some attention. After several recent visits to kick a little ass, I went over yesterday and was pleased to see my car up in the air and sans engine and gearbox.

    I had left a box of parts to complete the job and thought it would be done this week. Then I saw this not so funny look on my mechanic's face. UH OH!!!

    it seems that the throwout bearing had seized and toasted not only the clutch, which I expected, but also affected the flywheel and input shaft seal on the gearbox.
    UH OH$$$$

    After a few calls and emails I finally heard back from SBD in the UK and Sadev in NC today and a new flywheel and ARP bolts are on there way. And I decided to send the gearbox down to Sadev in North Carolina for a refresh since it was already out.

    So i feel a little better today that i will get my car back on track in time for the start of the trackday season, albeit with a much lighter wallet.
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