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Thread: New Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdork View Post
    Thanks for the welcome. Look forward to joining the local 7 community. I’ll start a new thread once my build slot is sorted. Have been losing some sleep over Pokey’s predicament but hoping all is sorted soon.
    Welcome! I wouldn't be too concerned about what I've experienced. The situation I found myself in is related to COVID. The WSP has suffered temporary layoffs and that has greatly curtailed the number of inspections available so I wound up taking an appointment in Yakima. The inspector there was befuddled by the Caterham is all.

    I'm more concerned about getting an appointment before the weather turns than I am about passing the inspection. I've been checking the stations from Tacoma to Marysville several times a day and so far no luck. Bellevue opened up two more days today but between when I checked this morning and this evening they were already booked up.

    I imagine that by the time you need an inspection things will be back to normal, or at least more normal. Don't let this blip take the fun out of what you are about to experience.

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    Any updates Pokey? Looking like some sunshine next week. Hope you can get out and enjoy it.

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