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Thread: Road & Track Article - Caterham 310R Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitcat View Post
    I got my May issue of R&T and it has the latest installment in their Caterham build story. Some lovely pictures and maybe 750 words.

    Sam Smith, the author of the article, is also R&T's Editor at Large and in a second article he notes that he now lives 40' from the legendary Tail of The Dragon in TN. So I would expect a review of the new Caterham, once it is completed, in its "element" at the Dragon (where USA7s held its 2007 celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Lotus Seven).

    I wonder if I am the only surviving participant of that event who is still active here? I CAN say that the Dragon, and the equally excellent, tho less famous, nearby roads brought the best out in my Caterham and in the collection of other se7en marques who all gathered for the event.
    I don't subscribe to R&T anymore, but I'll have to pick up the issue just to read the article.

    Although my Birkin was a month or two from being on the road, I did make it to the event with the ex's Mini Cooper. Had a lot of fun riding with various member's Sevens but wish I could have had my car done by then. I hope to be more active here once I start building my new 310S. It's been waiting patiently in it's crates as I finish my big garage project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 11Budlite View Post
    I don't subscribe to R&T anymore, but I'll have to pick up the issue just to read the article.
    Really? Another sportcar enthusiast that has given up on "Road & Truck" and "SUV and Driver".

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    I thought it was "Car & Drivel"?
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