Hi folks.

Not been on this site in some time, mainly due to deciding that 7 ownership in MA wasn't going to be a feasible proposition, for now at least.

I still keep up with the 7-related goings-on in the UK via BlatChat and I recently came into contact with Anker, who has now joined this group. I've also noticed that there are a few 7's in the Boston area that weren't around when I moved here 5 years ago.

I'm trying to get in touch with a couple of 7 owners in particular to see if they want to join me and some mates on some events we are planning to run this year. The first is a guy with a yellow Caterham who has been spotted around Bedford, MA a couple of times and who likely keeps his car stored at a facility in Lynn. The second is a guy who lives somewhere in Arlington Heights and has recently imported this car. If either are members on here, please reply to this thread if you are interested in meeting up for a blat / tyre kicking session some time. If anyone else in the Boston area is interested in the occasional run out as well as trips to Larz and other car shows, let me know.

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