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Thread: Brook lands screen stanchion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightonuk View Post
    Not sure if these are the style you purchased but here is my instillation
    The last image in the quick(ish) mounting plate for when I track the car and need the Aero screen

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    For everyone whoís been following this post, Iíve discovered the problem. Demon Tweeks shows only one stanchion on their website and in their catalogue, but Iíve discovered that there are two different configurations: one for use with the wiper posts (which I need) and one without. The one offered by DT is the one for use without the posts. Iíve explained this to DT and Iím hopeful theyíll refund my purchase and also cover return postage fees. ĎWill let everyone know.

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    I aquired a set of Brooklands a few years ago and discovered the wiper interference issue. The alternative I have thought about is to reinforce the scuttle under the area where the windscreen is and mount the individual screens. When switching back to a full windscreen the mounting holes would be covered by the windscreen gasket.
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    I bought a stanchion from Caterham for a S3 as one for an SV was not available at that time. A friend cut it in half in the middle and added about 4" to it then smoothed down and polished the welds. It didn't sit flush with the cowl but still worked out well for me.

    Caterham also sold brackets to be mounted on the frame rail where the holes are for the wind screen mount. This makes the Brooklands screens mount very stable and much easier to change from Brooklands to windscreen.

    I drilled out the mounting holes and tapped the bracket for 10mm threads to accommodate the motorcycle mirrors I wanted to use. The mirrors take the place of bolts on the rear set of holes.

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    Damn, I really miss that car.
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