I'm very late starting a thread on my engine rebuild, so I'll begin with posts over the next couple of days to catch up everyone on the status. For background the oil pressure relief valve appears to have failed, taking with it the mechanical oil pressure gauge. The simple solution was to replace the gauge and the oil pump and quickly get back to the end of blatting season, but sadly I don't do simple. Instead, I've opted to do things the slow, pricey, hard way with a full rebuild and performance upgrade. My garage is now in chaos.

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The first 8,500 miles of my 2.0L Duratec's life were covered with stock internals, while the last 24,000 were with Kent DTEC10 cams, stiffer valve springs, some head work, and ARP Rod bolts. For the latest iteration, cams are changing to DTEC20s, pistons to Omega (11.7:1 vs. stock Mondeo 10.8:1), rods to forged items from K1, crank will be keyed and the bottom end fully balanced. The goal is 225-230hp, with limited torque loss from 2000-3000 rpm, similar torque from 3000-5000rpm, then a noticeable jump from there to 8000rpm with the ability to rev higher if needed.

Cam selection was a struggle. After much internal deliberation, protracted mulling over specs, and multiple conversations with people of various expertise, I decided that for my specific goals, DTEC20s were the right choice. Interestingly, feedback from everyone but Kent was consistent: if you are going through the effort of changing pistons so you can add more lift than DTEC10, you should step up to cams that can support 250+ hp. Although Kent makes cams in that category (the DTEC35 are essentially the R500 cams and they have even more aggressive grinds available) they alone told me I wouldnít be happy with the bottom end of anything with that much overlap. Also, and this is something that particularly resonated with me, the gap between the DTEC20 and DTEC 10 is much larger than the gap from stock Mondeos to DTEC10. Since I previously make that switch and was pleased with the performance increase, it seemed to me that the jump to DTEC20 would suffice.

The chart shows how the various cams under consideration compare and includes the stock Mondeo cams and DTEC10s for baselines.

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