Croc, Simon, Jeff and I had a great day on track yesterday on TBolt at NJMP. That track is really good for our Sevens as it has some nice tight sections with weight transfer areas that really play to our light weight cars. NJMP seems to have their act together as far as the logistics go. Sign in and tech are outdoors, masked required and everyone seems to be social distancing properly. Drivers meeting was outdoors, over loud speaker or you could sit in your car or truck and listen in on FM radio.

Breakfast was outdoors, while the chef was inside handing the plates out thru a pass thru window.

Lunch was plated and set at tables outdoors, Some played nice and sat at the opposite side of a long table, others not so much. Option to take it out and eat back in the paddock was available.

Most drivers set up chairs in large circles 6 or more feet apart and that seemed to work pretty well for socializing.

All in all, very well run IMO. We are now just over 3 months away from our 10th annual Se7ens gathering at NJMP. Seems Croc and I got lucky in pushing the date later in the year than usual eh? Just wanted to give you all a heads up and prod you to get your cars ready while you still have time. Don't wait until the week before as usual. Hopefully things will get better in a few more months.

There has been a few management changes since last year, so Croc and I have a little more work to do to get the registration process finalized, but that shouldn't be a major issue. Stay tuned. Stay Safe. Tom