Just thought I'd share this as it could help someone else at some point.

I've had my car for about a year, and I have never gotten full throttle, i.e. stepping on the gas pedal the cable was hanging up so that the carbs wouldn't open fully. I was also worried about the potential for the cable to jam in the open position.

My car used to have a crossflow, and the previous owner installed a BDA. The throttle cable ran over the top of the engine, and operated the carb linkage by pushing the cable housing over the anchored cable. So the throttle cable needed to move across the cam cover. Since the BDA cam cover is wider than the cover on a crossflow, creating a longer path for the cable, the cable and cable housing were a bit too short. So the housing rubbed on the cam cover, and wouldn't push the throttle linkage all the way.

Reading my invaluable Dave Bean catalog I learned that in a LHD crossflow the cable runs as I described, but in a RHD one the cable comes up from the bottom of the carb, so that the cable actually pulls the linkage, rather than the housing pushing it. That configuration makes a lot more sense to me.

So I bought a custom cable and housing from Pegasus Auto Racing, and installed it so that it runs around to the right side of the engine, and comes up from underneath, with the cable now pulling the linkage. Now I finally get full throttle.

The result is:

1. My car finally feels as fast as it should (holy-crap fast). Looking forward to getting back out on a track.

2. I learned on my night-time test ride after installation that when my car backfires blue flames come out of the exhaust. Cool.