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Thread: LOG 39 Road Trip Video

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    Default LOG 39 Road Trip Video

    Here is the edited video of our LOG 39 Road Trip. Three Elanís, two yellow Europaís, one Cortina and one Elise. Ted and I agree that the back road drive to and from LOG is as fun (and even more) as LOG itself.

    Grab a cup of coffee (or a beer) and make yourself comfortable. Itís 39 minutes long so you get a real feel of our experiences and surprises along the way. Watch in HD as it was shot in that format. Enjoy!
    Lotus Europa, Frame Off Restoration
    Lotus Elan S4, Almost a Sprint
    Lotus Elan S2, Original from factory
    Lotus …lan S1, GTS/26R Fast Road
    Lotus Racing Kart, Track Terror
    Lotus Exige S, Wicked Road & Track
    Lotus Exige S, Track Weapon
    Lotus Elise, Track Pack
    Lotus Elise, Currently being modified

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    Great job on the video, thanks for sharing!!

    Roger Barr sure had some interesting comments about Lotus and Colin Chapman!

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