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Thread: Caterham Mechanic in Northern MA / Southern NH?

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    Default Caterham Mechanic in Northern MA / Southern NH?

    Id like to have my 7 checked out by someone who knows their way around it, while there are a lot of custom/hot rod shops near by Im not sure they have familiarity with a seven. Does anyone know of a shop theyd recommend around the MA/NH line around where 93 crosses - or thereabouts?


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    Hey UKChris,

    I do not know anyone in your area but, i am travelling to Waltham, MA almost weekly. I would be happy to do a walk around the car with you and point out problem spots and inspection items. I am in the final stages of a complete rebuild and have a lot of "lessons learned" i can share with you.

    PM me if interested and we'll set something up!

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