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    My '07 Caterham with the Zetec engine is having problems. I'm at the end of what I can do with my level of expertise (which is not 'expert' by any means.)

    I was having a hard start problem and now it's gotten to no-start. A noid-light test revealed only one or two good flashes then weak ones or no flash at all. Fuel pressure seems good, at least initially but then weakens. The returnless fuel system seems tricky. I'd replace the fuel pump relay but I don't know where to find it....

    I'm looking for someone that I could ship the car to who knows his stuff. I'm in Western North Carolina near Asheville. The nearby Blue Ridge Parkway beckons.

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    Sorry if you already know, basic troubleshooting generally begins with checking good spark at the right time at the plugs. Once that is confirmed, start on the "fuel" part of the equation. For more specific advice with injection from the group, I suggest posting details about which system is on your 7.

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    Don't know what his schedule is, or whether your fix is quick or complicated but Turbofocus is the East Coast Zetec god/guru and he's in NC (not sure where off the top of my head).

    I'm in NY and planning to bring my Zetec sometime down to him to tune and fiddle with.
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    Hi �� RR. I also have the trusty Zetec in my S1. Have you replaced the fuel filters yet, give us some details about your engine setups and maybe we can have a easy fix.
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    I am assuming that your system is the same as what I had with my SVT engine. If the noid light is showing the injectors not working I don’t think you have a fuel pressure issue but a problem with the the anti theft system.In the picture I attached is a wire hanging from the dash with a black plastic ring attached. In a Ford the black plastic ring was around the ignition cylinder in the steering column and it picked up a signal from a chip in the key that disabled the anti theft system allowing the injectors to fire. What Caterham USA did was to tape the chip to the ring and stuff it under the dash making it susceptible to picking stray signals and shutting off the injectors. It should be forward of the shifter. Try to isolate /insulate it it from the surrounding wire. Move it to a different location or what I did was wrap it metal tape. I don’t think there is a fuel pump relay, power goes from the fuse through the inertia switch to a fuel pump control module under the center armrest. The control module turns the pump on and off as required.
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