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    I bought a set of anvils & the upper wheel from a machinist awhile ago & built the frame. The wheel & anvils are all precision machined & have bearing to help ease the rolling. The frame in built out of 2 X 3 3/16 (.187) wall tubing so it is stout and has been tig welded together. I had it powder coated semigloss black. I great plans to learn how to use it & make gas tanks for all of the custom motorcycles I was going to build. Since moving to Hawaii, I have found the DMV doesn't like anything that isn't stock. I went to court to get my motorcycle registered, & was told it was like the Toyota Airbag recall, and that it was not safe. I had to make bumpers for my '63 Super 7 even thou didn't come with bumpers. I used a piece of conduit, which I take off right after passing the annual safety inspection. So, my priorities have changed.
    The wheel, anvils and frame are not light so shipping is going to be a challenge. I will research it & update the posting soonest.

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