Finally got the Birkin running, S3 from Tom Carlin, 2.5 Duratec, T9 with tall first, Subaru 3.70 LSD. Anyway, started out on Enkei 7x15 wheels with Toyo R888R in 195/50-15. Took it to the drags and autocross. I think I need more tire. I would like to keep a square set-up but not married to it. This is a street legal car so I need a DOT tire. It also has no fenders so that is not a concern. The gearing seem pretty good, looks like around 140mph at 7k in fifth, 1st is low enough that I can light 'em up with just throttle from about 1,500 rpm, I guessing around 200 hp, stock Duratec 2.5, Crower cams, throttle body injection, headers