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Thread: Engine serial number decode

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    Default Engine serial number decode

    So I get the impression that Caterham used its own engine serial numbering for the data plate. Is there any way to decode this? Examples I've seen have the form of KD-XXXXX-XX with the last two digits being letters. Mine has the form KD-XXXX-XX.

    I ask this because mine is a 1992 model with a Supersport 1.4 K-series (fuel injected), but those didn't appear until 1993.

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    Does this help?

    Post 1990

    Sometime after 1990, European legislation demanded 17 character VIN codes for all cars. Here are some examples:
    SDKRDKCR8V0020587 1997 1.8
    SDKRDKLR8X0021432 1998 SuperLight? with 1.8l engine
    SDKRDKCR8Y0021805 2000 1.8 K
    Posn Item Values Interpretation
    1-3 MID SDK Manufacturers' Identification Code for Caterham Cars
    4 Chassis Configuration L or R Left or Right Hand Drive
    5 Chassis Configuration D DeDion?
    L Long cockpit
    C Classic (axle)
    W Wishbone
    6 Build Type C CKD (Completeley Knocked Down) not Starter Kit
    F Limited Volume Type Approved Fully Built
    K Kit Built
    S Factory Built
    7 Chassis Type A Alternative
    C Clubman
    H HPC
    L Superlight
    O Other
    R Race Chassis (or perhaps Road)
    S Starter Kit
    T Track
    3=Series 3
    5=Series 5(SV)
    8-9 Engine NS Engine Not Supplied
    BB Blackbird
    C0 Duratec
    C1 200 HP 2.3 Cosworth Euro 4 emissions
    C2 260 HP 2.3 Cosworth
    C3 200 HP Duratec 2.3
    C4 Cosworth 2.0 Duratec race
    C5 210 HP Duratec 2.0
    C6 BDR 1600
    C7 BDR 1700
    C8 BDR 1800
    DS Duratec Supercharged
    D1 200 HP Duratec Euro 4
    D2 170 HP Duratec 2.0
    D3 170 HP Duratec 2.0 Euro 4
    D4 200 HP Duratec Euro 5
    D5 260 HP Duratec 2.0
    D6 170 HP Duratec 2.0 Euro 5
    FB Fireblade
    GS 100 BHP 1600 Crossflow
    GT 84 BHP 1600 CrossFlow?
    MK 110 BHP 1600 CrossFlow? ('sprint')
    RC Rover VVC
    RD Rover VHPD
    RI Rover K-Series 1.4l (post1992)
    RJ Rover K-Series 1.4l 2002 onwards
    R3 R300
    R4 R400
    R5 1800 VHPD (230 HP) Rover K-Series (R500)
    R6 Rover 1.6l
    R8 Rover 1.8l
    SE Sigma, Euro 4 emissions
    SF Sigma, Euro 5 emissions
    S0 Sigma
    S1 Sigma 125 HP
    S2 Sigma standard power
    S3 Sigma 140 HP
    S4 Sigma 150 HP
    S5 Sigma mid power
    S6 Sigma high power
    TC Twin Cam
    VI Vauxhall Injection
    VJ Vauxhall Injection
    VT Vauxhall Turbo
    VX Vauxhall Carburettored 2.0l
    XC Vauxhall 8-Valve 1.6l
    XS Vauxhall 8-Valve 1.8l
    17 1700cc Super Sprint
    Z2 Suzuki K6A Turbocharged 80bhp EU6
    10 Chassis Year M-Y M=91, N=92, P=93, Y=2000
    1-> 1=2001, 2=2002 etc until 2010, first number after 2010)
    11-17 Chassis Number nnnnnnnn Chassis Number until 2010
    11 Chassis Year 0-> Year indicator (from 2010)
    12 Gearbox 5=5 speed gearbox
    6=6 speed gearbox
    0=no gearbox (for non-approved vehicles)
    13 Package 1=Starter Kit
    must be 7 from 2010 2=Series 3 Kit
    onwards 3=Series 3
    5=Series 5 (V)
    14-17 Chassis Number nnnn Caterham vehicle identification number
    Mangia bene, Ridi spesso, Ama molto, Guidare veloce

    2000 Caterham Superlight #123
    1.8L VHPD Rover K Series
    2009 Caterham SV
    2.3L Cosworth Duratec

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    Default Engine serial number decode

    Yes that answers most of my questions. Thank you.

    And at the same time confuses me as to my particular car.

    The title says 1992, and the chassis year (N) matches.

    But the engine is a supersport k-series with FI, which also matches the RI in digits 8-9 (decodes as “post 1992”).

    Is a mismatch in years like this common?

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