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Thread: Zetec Power output

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1turbofocus View Post
    he just felt for 125.00 an Hr a higher class of wiring should of been done
    This exactly.

    The wiring to the relays are pretty basic and what I'd expect for a DIYer or a quick fix. It'll work, but it doesn't look like what one would pay someone $125/hr to make.
    For replacement, if that Bosch relay fails (unlikely), you have to create a wiring diagram, pull the wiring, unscrew the relay, and replace. With relay holders, you pop the relay out and toss a new one in. For $125/hr, I'd expect that kind of convenience and higher-end wiring.

    The rest of the loom is fine. Raychem would make it more reliable, cleaner, and have a higher resistance to temp -- but at a higher cost.

    Mind you, I just redid my chassis and engine wiring looms, so it's all fresh to me.
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    In a car as light as a 7, 30 hp is going to make a big difference. I had a Westfield with a 2l built Vauxhall at about 185 hp. Now I have a Superformance S1 with a mostly stock 2l Zetec. Westfield was like a rocket compared to the S1.
    What can I add to my fuel stabilizer to make it last longer?

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    Couple of short Videos showing the Air Fuel (but as I did not note the RPM rather pointless)
    And the fuel Pressure
    Any thoughts would be welcomed
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    Hard to tell on the A/F , what is the WOT air fuel , what is the steady throttle A/F at different RPM ?

    Fuel psi at 50 psi ? Thats kinda high if it is , 38-42 psi is Avg normal AF for that


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