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Thread: good British car specialists - TN, AR, MS?

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    Default good British car specialists - TN, AR, MS?

    It's gotten to the point where I no longer enjoy lying on the ground under a car, so for some things I'm going to start farming the work out. It's a strange feeling - I've worked on my own cars almost exclusively since I was 16.

    So to that end I need to find a good British car specialist within a reasonable distance of me- specifically Rover K-series. I live in Memphis. I spoke with a buddy who is connected in the odd European/German/Italian car circles, and he basically said all the guys who worked on British cars in the area have either retired or passed on. There's a German specialist, but that's about it.

    I found J.D.'s in Nashville but haven't called them yet. Going to try the local clubs, see what they know.

    Any suggestions?
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    Lane Motor Museum is in Nashville and they have two or three Caterhams in their collection. Give them a call for some local knowledge.

    As to crawling under cars, a lift sure helps...
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    Call Mike Wilkes at Memphis Motor Werkes. He has worked on everything over the years including old stuff and race cars (including my Lotus Elan when I lost my starter on the Great River Road Adventure - 4,400 miles in the Elan and Seven over two weeks in 2015). He may or may not want to work on it and even if he doesn't he knows every car guy and shop within a hundred miles. He has some guys that will be familiar with Sevens.

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