Hi All! I posted here in 2013 and said "I'll be back when I am finally ready to buy a 7" http://www.usa7s.net/vb/showthread.p...od-idea-for-me

Well guess what, I'm back, and about to pull the trigger on a Caterham. I would love some advice on whether I am doing the right thing, options wise.

So far, I am leaning towards a 420R SV with lowered floor, and the bucket seats substituted for the ones from the S model, and likely other options from the S model like heater, windshield etc.

I am 6ft4, so the combination of A) the SV model, B) the lowered floor, and C) the non-bucket seats should add up to enough vertical height that I fit well, even with helmet on for track days.

I am choosing the R model as a base, since I will use it for track days as well, and it seems easier to add road-comfort items to the R model than to add track features (LSD etc) to the road model. Does that sound right? Note that I am a pretty casual track user, only go 2 or 3 times a year tops, and my driving style is what often referred to as a "9/10ths driver".. looking for a fun progressive car, not trying to break any records.

I picked the 420 since on the track I've noticed that it is easy to crave more power (and also, because both the SV model and myself will add above average weight), but I could also be convinced that I'd be happier in a 360 or even 270. In particular, the description of on the limit handling of the different models in https://www.evo.co.uk/caterham/7/155...nd-more-tested makes me feel like I may prefer the more progressive handling of the lower HP models? It would be fun to play with mini-drifts without having to be very skilled (which I am probably not). Then again, I drove a 420 recently, and that power is certainly addictive, even on the road. Hard to judge.

Beyond occasional track I'll be using it for day trips in nice weather almost exclusively. May once a year or so do a longer/overnight trip in it. It will be a second car, so no daily driving duties. It will be stored at or near http://www.kampena.com/ who will also be building and maintaining it.

Given the above use case, any advice on must-have options? Anything you'd recommend me to do differently?